• You feel that there is no real Vision, Mission, Values or Purpose of your organization and your team is feeling it.
  • ​You no longer can see the Three Year Picture of your organization as you are operating day-by-day.
  • ​​You no longer understand the reason you are in business and leadership is no longer understanding their real niche or strategy.
  •  ​You feel that you are continually “fighting fires” and operating tactically – with no definitive longer term vision – but all this activity is producing little in the way of improving results.
  • ​​Your business is facing significant changes or challenges, such as competition, market shifts, or regulatory changes, and you need to adapt your strategy or business model to remain competitive.
  • ​​You are experiencing difficulties scaling your business and want to explore new strategies or business models that could help you grow more efficiently.

Assessment: Gotta have HEART
Est. Timeline: 2-6 Weeks

When we assess the overall health of your organization, we make sure we are aligned with your strategic goals. We dive into your systems and interact with leadership to develop themes and opportunities for the future.

Assessments provide an immediate ROI, while identifying crucial next steps your organization can take to grow.

Project Examples: Whole-Company Assessment, Transformation Roadmap, Strategy & Vision Assessment